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C.L.A.S.S. Program

C.L.A.S.S.®, Canine Life And Social Skills®, is a four-level group class for pet parents to test real-life skills with their canine companions. There are four C.L.A.S.S. levels: H.S. (High School Level), B.A. (Bachelor’s Level), M.A. (Master’s Level) and Ph.D. (Doctorate Level).

H.S. Skills: $220

Sit & Down • Come & Collar Grab • Off-Leash Heel • Basic Stay • Confidence Course
Name Game • Comfort Around Food Bowl • Meeting Strangers • Body Handling


B.A. Skills: $220

Wait at the Door • Come & Leashing-Up Manners • Loose-Leash Walking & Attention
Meet & Greet • Leave It • Wait for the Food Bowl • Stay • Settle • Give & Take

M.A. Skills: $220

Wait in the Car • Calmly Pass by Other Dogs • Wait at the Door with Distraction
Come & Leashing-Up Manners with Distraction • Sit, Down & Stand • Body Handling
Loose-Leash Walking & Leave It (Figure 8 Configuration)
Stay with Distraction & Distance • Out of Sight, Out of Mind (with Hand Targeting)

Ph.D. Skills: $220

Advanced Loose-Leash Walking • Back Up • Advanced Stay
Advanced Come & Leashing-Up Manners • Meet & Greet with Body Handling
Attention During High Distraction • Table Manners • Do You Really Know Sit?

There is nothing truer than a dog's love!

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