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Stay & Train Program

Our Stay & Train Program offers a unique learning experience to help lay the foundation for your pup's development while providing a healthy, safe and fun environment. This program is for puppies as well as experienced dogs. We offer four different options with our Stay & Train Program that are all designed to help your dog reach its fullest potential. 

3 Day Weekend Tail Wager: $500

This exclusive program offers an immersive training experience where your dog stays with us for an enriching, learning adventure where we ensure a delightful weekend while building fundamental skills. In just 3 days, we teach your pup new skills, explore new places and reinforce great choices.


7 Day Foundational: $1,100

The Foundational program offers a more comprehensive, week-long training experience for your pup. Whether a first-time trainee or an experienced dog, this extensive training plan covers essential skills, socialization, and mental enrichment through am educational and rewarding experience.

14 Day Unleashed Experience: $2,200

This comprehensive two-week training program is designed to empower your pup with a broad spectrum of skills and behaviors. During this extended stay, your dog will receive a deeper level of training, socialization and mental enrichment that is tailored to meet their specific needs.

21 Day Ultimate Retreat: $3,100

The three-week intensive is the ultimate transformational and training experience that is tailored to offer your pup a complete behavioral overhaul and skill enhancement. This extended stay fosters a deep-rooted learning journey, socialization, and behavioral refinement, ensuring a holistic and extensive training experience. At the end of this 21 day journey, you will receive a 1.5 hour training session to help you and your dog have the best experience.

Not sure one of these programs is right for your pup?

We also offer a one day Stay & Train option for $180.

Some Rules to Keep The Tails Happily Wagging

To ensure the saftey and harmony of our Stay & Train program, we have a few basic rules for your dog:

  1. Must be full vaccinated.

  2. Must not be in heat, marking or humping other dogs.

  3. Must be dog friendly.

  4. Must not be struggling with separation anxiety or demonstrating aggression towards humans or dogs (must not have bite history, excluding puppy biting),

Happiness is a lot of lovin's and belly rubs!

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